Workshops & Online courses for body painting & face art enthusiasts

By World Champion body painter Riina Laine

 Did you know body painting is one of those unique art forms you can't learn in any university or college? That's right, this path of artistic expression is paved with self-discovery and hands-on experience.

 My own journey into mastering body painting has been filled with self-taught lessons and trips to workshops abroad. In the world of body painting, it's not about formal education - it's your passion and hard work that count.

Hi, I'm Riina and I paint people!  

I'm Riina Laine, a world champion body painting artist and I transform people into pieces of art. My passion for the art of make-up has included nearly every genre of makeup artistry for 20 years, but my specialty and love of my life is body painting. ❤️

⭐ I've created body paintings for advertising, TV commercials, magazines, corporate events, fairs and festivals. My experience as a make-up artist combines naturally with body painting and has allowed me to execute the most diverse projects, from exhibitions to commercial collaborations.

🏆 I've got gold and silver trophys from World Bodypainting Awards and a few other international awards. I've also been honoured to work as a juror at numerous body art competitions around the world.

Beyond my own artistic ambitions, I want to inspire aspiring artists worldwide through my workshops, sharing my knowledge and passion for body painting.  

✨ I have my own body painting brush line Riina Laine by Duroy. The first three sets of these babies were delivered to me two days prior to the 2014 World Championships - and I won the precious title! These very same quality brushes are still in use. (Get yours ->!)


Workshops, online courses & 1-on-1 sessions

Are you interested in learning the art of body painting? Whether you're starting fresh or wanting to polish your skills, my courses, workshops and 1-on-1 sessions are here to guide you.

LIVE Workshops

Workshops for All Levels: 
I organize a select number of workshops throughout the year. My workshops are inclusive, covering an array of themes and skills, perfect for those just starting out or the experienced artist aiming to refine their craft. We'll get hands-on with different techniques and styles, and I'll be there to guide you and answer all your questions.

Host a Workshop: 
Got a space and a group of eager learners? I'd love to come to you and lead a workshop! If you're interested in hosting, just reach out to me. We can plan a workshop that suits your group's level and interests, whether it's the basics for beginners or advanced techniques for those looking to push their creativity further.

Online courses

Can't make it to a live workshop? Check out my online courses. They're super flexible – learn at your own pace and revisit lessons as you like.
Swirls and twirls - brush technique online course is a must for an artist of any skill level - you'll learn the tips and tricks for perfect linework and teardrops with just one brush!
This course is available in English & Finnish (subtitles in Spanish, request for others!)

1-on-1 Sessions

For those who want a more personal touch, I offer one-on-one sessions (via Zoom or in person). Tell me what you want to learn, and we'll tailor the session just for you. It's a deep dive into your specific body painting goals, with me guiding you every step of the way.


1-on-1 Virtual Session (60 mins): 299 €

1-on-1 Session in person: on Request

Looking for courses in Finnish?

Etsitkö kursseja suomeksi?

All my online courses in Finnish are hosted on my Kasvot maalissa -site. If you're interested in one of them in English or other language, let me know.  Subtitles in your language can be arranged by request!